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Helsinki Art Nouveau Jugendstil: the illustrated guide

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A never-before-seen guide to the history and character of Helsinki’s vibrant Art Nouveau Jugendstil buildings. It features 50 beautiful illustrations and an exclusive, easy-to-navigate map of the city showing every building.

The story behind these buildings’ origins will leave you in awe, giving you a fresh perspective on Finland’s capital.


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Welcome to Helsinki Jugenstil – an illustrated guide

From the Finnish-British author of Sisu Mindset and The Joy of English (and more), comes a richly detailed illustrated guide to Helsinki’s fairy-tale Art Nouveau Jugendstil buildings.

This fully illustrated book charts the story and history of these magnificent buildings. It looks at how the Art Nouveau began and what role Finland played in this global movement.

Like never before, this book takes the reader on a hugely entertaining walk through the separate eras and architectural styles (including Art Nouveau, National Romaticism, Jugendstil and beyond) to reveal the secrets of these buildings’ history. It also unmasks the vibrant young creators who — for a short period — became leading international stars.

A never-before seen guide

Containing rich illustrations of 50 important Jugenstil buildings
as well as illustrated maps to guide you!

Chapter Contents


Words from the author
A passion for the past.


A New Global Movement
Art Nouveau was the lightning rod that launched the modern world. How did undercurrents in England and Japan sparked it all?


Art Nouveau: a New Golden Age
In December 1895, Parisian art dealer Siegfried Bing puts on an exhibition that would change the world.


National Romanticism: the New Style
The Finland Pavilion at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris was such a hit that it put Finland (still a region belonging to Russia) on the international map.


Jugendstil: Geometry and Order
The trend for National Romantic styles was definitely over, and architects now pursued rectilinear lines and geometric styles that had been pioneered in Scotland, Germany and Austria.

After 1916

Birth of the Modern: Functionalism, Constructivism, Art Deco, Modernism, Bauhaus and beyond
The Great War of Europe brought a swift end a fantastic era of architecture, but what came after it?


“The Art Nouveau influence gave Helsinki its colourful buildings, curved arches and beautifully decorated, nature-inspired walls, motifs and sculptures.

The National Romantic influence added the turrets, spires, projections and heavy-set doorways. Included in this was a splash of the national epic, The Kalevala.

The Jugendstil influence from Germany and Austria gave Helsinki its buildings with modern geometric lines, semi-circles and rectilinear shapes.”

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